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Staff at Lapuanjoki Riverside Oasis

Risto Riihikangas has designed and built all the accommodation facilities at Lapuanjoki Riverside Oasis with his own hands and creativity. The place is Risto's birthplace and family home. Risto is usually wearing dirty work clothes. He usually has lots of different work projects going on. Risto is very handy and takes care of all the issues related to construction, renovation and repairs. If something goes wrong or the room lacks something, please mention about it to Risto. He invents creative solutions for everything. He always likes to listen to customers' wishes.  Sometimes Risto is chatting with customers for a long time about interesting topics such as welding, construction, boats and stainless steel. Risto only speaks Finnish.

Leila Riihikangas is Risto's wife. The couple has been married for over 40 years. Leila has taken care of the interior design and decoration of the rooms together with Risto. It is very important to her that customers get quality service. Thanks to Leila, Lapuanjoki Riverside Oasis has very comfortable beds and high quality bed linen. Leila has also sewn curtains to the rooms and made all the external purchases. Leila is very creative and handy. She also cooks very delicious breakfast for our guests. Leila also runs the Beauty Salon Leidi in the same courtyard. Leila is a very skilled beautician so her treatments should definitely be tested. Leila is a very kind and amazing organizer who puts things in order. In her free time, Leila enjoys singing.

Sonja Riihikangas is the daughter of Leila and Risto. She takes care of customer service and manages all the bookings during the summer season. Sonja is responsible for marketing as well as communication. Sonja takes care of everything related to home pages, Booking, Instagram and Facebook, as well as various campaigns. Sonja is a passionate traveler who writes her own Shining Journey travel blog. She knows what travelers appreciate in good accommodation because she has been traveling so much. Sonja has also been working in Australia in five star hotels so she has a very good attention to details. Sonja also offers various relaxing treatments for our customers.

It's very important for us that our customers enjoy their stay. Many of our customers have told us that staying in Lapuanjoki Riverside Oasis has been a very pleasant experince, like visiting friends. We enjoy customer service a lot and are happy to chat with our customers about anything. We are also very happy to get feedback. While we are trying our best, we do not always notice everything. However, we do our best to provide our customers with the best possible accommodation experience.